trivia 7/21


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trivia 7/21


The famous tree from which the legendary Newton apple fell is still growing

at Woolsthorpe Manor today. It is over 350 years old.

1. In what classic 1939 movie did George Reeves, TVs ill fated "Superman"

make his screen debut?

a. - Gunga Din

b. - Maltese Falcon

c. - Gone with the Wind

d. - Stagecoach

2. Poland has a coastline along which sea ?

a. - Adriatic

b. - Black

c. - Both

d. - Neither

3.By what name is the game Reversi also known?

4. Name the Movie ...

"I'm sorry, you're not gonna see your mom again for a long time, 'cause

we're going to America. Full house boys! Woohoo!"

5. In Literature, whom or what were Vladimir and Estragon waiting for ?

6. Who led 300 Spartans against a much larger army of Persians?

7. Monopoly Mania! How does the game end?

a. - When one player becomes bankrupt

b. - When 2 people are bankrupt

c. - When the others give up against one

d. - When all except one become bankrupt

8. 'Focaccia' is a type of what?


Pope John Paul I served the shortest term of all Popes to date. His Papacy

lasted only 36 days, when he passed away on September 26. 1978.





















1. - c

2. - d (but Poland DOES have a coastline on the Baltic )

3. Othello

4. "Titanic"


6. Leonidas

7. - d

8. Bread


The shortest Papal reign was in 752. It lasted only two days !

Assuming that an unconfirmed pope is a pope, then the shortest serving pope

was known as Pope Stephen II who was the pope-elect for two days He was

elected March 24 and died March 26, 742.

Using the list with only the confirmed popes, then the shortest serving pope

was known as Pope Leo XI who served for 11 days between April 1 and April

12, 1605. Other short-serving popes include Pope Urban VII (12 days), Pope

Marcellus II (20 days), Pope John Paul I (23 days), and Pope Pius II (26

days). The longest-serving pope was Saint Peter, who reigned for 37 years.
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