trivia 5/15


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trivia 5/15


The most popular item at Walmart is bananas. They sell more bananas than any

other single item they have in stock.

1. Which insect has the Latin name "bombus terrestris"?

a. - Stink Bug

b. - Bumble Bee

c. - Ladybug

d. - Cicada

2. If you suffer from catalepsy, what are your symptoms?

3. To which of the Fifty must I travel to visit the National Cowboy and

Western Heritage Museum ?

a. - Texas

b. - Wyoming

c. - Arizona

d. - Oklahoma

4. In terms of land area, what's the smallest continent?

5.Boris Pasternak, a Nobel Prize-winning poet, wrote an epic novel about the

last days of Tsarist Russia. The novel was made into a movie in 1965 ...

a. - War and Peace

b. - Dr. Zhivago

c. - The Brothers Karamazov

d. - Crime and Punishment

6. The Rosetta Stone made deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics possible. Where

must one go to see it?

a. - London, England

b. - New York City

c. - Cairo, Egypt

d. - Washington, D.C.

7. In the Bible, which of the twelve apostles would be listed first


8. What was the the currency used in Spain before the Euro ?


In 2012, a missing woman on vacation in Iceland was found when it was

discovered that she was in the search party looking for herself..




















1. - b

2. Loss of voluntary motion

3. - d

4. Australia

5. - b

6. - a

7. Andrew

8. the Peseta


According to the Reykjavik Grapevine, the not-so-missing woman - a tourist -

even participated in the intense police search over the weekend, near Eldgja

canyon in the country's southern volcanic region.

The mix-up apparently occurred when, during a sight-seeing trip Saturday,

the woman broke off from her tourist group and changed clothes, the

Reykjavik Grapevine reported.

When she returned to the bus in a different outfit, the rest of her tour

group did not recognize her. Then when a description of the "missing person"

was offered - Asian, in dark clothing and speaks English well - the woman

seemingly also did not recognize the description as of herself, so she

began to assist the others in searching.

Hours later, around 3 a.m. Sunday, the search party finally realized that,

alas, the woman they were looking for was with them all along, and the

search was called off.