trivia 2/23


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trivia 2/23


The nests of Bald Eagles can be up to 9 feet long, and can weigh as much as

2 tons.

1. Which of the Fifty has the lowest State and Local Tax Rates ? (as of


a. - Hawaii

b. - Alaska

c. - Delaware

d. - Rhode Island

2. What's a sobriquet?

3. What is the common name we use today for "scrivener's palsy" ?

4. In what film would I find Jim Carrey playing Fletcher Reed ?

5. Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach, two California cities, feuded in 2005

over the right to use which civic designation officially?

6. 'Hippophagy' is the eating of ......what ??

7. The rock climbing instructor teaches you a knot. This knot is named for

its shape and is the only knot that you are allowed to use to tie into a

climbing route. What is this super safe knot called?

a. - Double Figure 8

b. - Bowline

c. - Sheepshank

d. - Carrik Bend

8. Which Auto Maker produces the Viper ?


Thomas Cromwell rose from humble beginnings to become chief minister and

trusted adviser to king Henry VIII .



















1. - b

2. a Nickname

3. Writer's Cramp

4. 'Liar, Liar'

5. 'Surf City, USA'

6. Horse Meat

7. - b

8. Dodge


Thomas Cromwell (c. 1485-1540 AD) was the son of a blacksmith and grew up in

the Putney area in southwest London. Despite these unfavorable origins, he

played his cards right and, on the back of his sharp wits and willingness to

get his hands dirty, managed to rise to the position of Lord Great

Chamberlain and chief adviser to Henry VIII. Quite extraordinary in a time

where blue blood and titles meant everything for anyone wanting to get


Alas, Cromwell's involvement in getting Henry VIII married to Anne of Cleves

cost him his head, literally. Henry VIII reportedly regretted losing his

minister soon afterwards.