trivia 10/27


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trivia 10/27


Chewing gum was first commercially manufactured and sold in 1848.

It was called ‘Spruce Gum’.

1. Which song, written and recorded by Tommy Tucker, which says to "put on

your red dress baby. Lord, we're goin' out tonight" ?

2. Which of the following communities is NOT the capital of a Canadian


a. - Dawson

b. - Iqaluit

c. - Yellowknife

d. - Whitehorse

3. Which river comprises the border between Arkansas and Tennessee?

a. - the Mississippi river

b. - the Arkansas river

c. - the Tennessee river

d. - the Missouri river

4. In a short story by Stephen Vincent Benét, which 19th century American

statesman wins a legal case against the devil?

5. Interstate 80 has its Eastern hub at Teaneck, New Jersey, and its western

hub at ...........

a. - Chicago, Illinois

b. - Seattle, Washington

c. - Los Angeles, California

d. - San Francisco, California

6. Name That tune ;

This ol' highway's getting longer Seems there ain't no end in sight

To sleep would be best, but I just can't afford to rest

I've got to ride in Denver tomorrow night

I called the house but no one answered For the last two weeks no one's been


I guess she's through with me, to tell the truth I just can't see

What's kept the woman holding on this long ....

a. - "Rodeo"

b. - "Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old)

c. - "Amarillo by Morning,

d. - "Night Rider's Lament"

7. What is traditionally added to a croque monsieur sandwich to turn it

into a croque madame sandwich?

8. Who Am I ??

I have portrayed a famous Number 42 in baseball, the Godfather of Soul, and

a superhero who is also a king. I passed away way too early, earlier this

year....... Who am I ?


First Lady Lucy Hayes initiated the White House Easter Egg Roll in response

to Congress passing a law banning games on Capital grounds.





















1. 'High-Heeled Sneakers'

2. - a

3. - a

4. Daniel Webster

5. - d

6. - b

7. a Poached or fried egg

8. I am Chadwick Boseman


With an already inadequate budget to complete the landscaping and

maintenance of the grounds, Congress passed a law forbidding the Capitol

grounds, (where the annual Easter Monday Egg Roll was held) to be used as a

children's playground. The law was to be enforced in 1877.

On Easter Saturday of 1878, a small announcement in the local press informed

the egg rollers the new law would be enforced. President Rutherford B.

Hayes, taking his daily walk, was approached by a number of young egg

rollers who inquired about the possibilities of egg rolling on the South

Lawn of the White House. Unfamiliar with the activity [his first Easter

Monday as President had been rained out the proceeding year] President

Hayes, upon his return to the White House, inquired amongst his staff who

briefed the attentive Chief Executive. The smiling President issued an

official order that should any children arrive to egg roll on Easter Monday,

they were to be allowed to do so. That Monday, as children were being turned

away from the Capitol grounds, word quickly spread to go to the White House!

President Hayes and his wife, Lucy, officially opened the White House

grounds to the children of the area for egg rolling that Easter Monday.

Successive Presidents continued the tradition, and the event has been held

on the South Lawn ever since.
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