Trader Joe's Recalls Products Potentially Contaminated

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These products have been recalled on Feb. 7 due to a potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes (Photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s)
  • Chicken Enchiladas Verde (SKU 58292)
  • Cilantro Salad Dressing (SKU 36420)
  • Elote Chopped Salad Kit (SKU 74768)
  • Southwest Salad (SKU 56077)
The products are pictured above. Trader Joe’s asks that customers with these products throw them away or return them to any of its locations for a full refund.

The consumption of Listeria monocytogenes can lead to listeriosis infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). An estimated 1,600 people are infected with listeriosis each year.

Trader Joe’s customers with questions about the recall can contact 626-599-3817.