Today is National Macaroni Day!


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Today is National Macaroni Day!

July 7 is celebrated as National Macaroni Day across the world. Macaroni is typically made of durum wheat and is a large variety of dry pasta which is cooked with cheese. Some think that the shape of this type of past gives macaroni its name, but the name is actually derived from a dough, used to make macaroni. Read ahead to know about the history, significance and celebration of National Macaroni day.

National Macaroni Day: History and Significance

Macaroni is an incredible little piece of pasta that is usually eaten with cheese and tomatoes and bread. The most popular macaroni is the elbow macaroni, but there are many types of macaronis. Makarneia is the origin of the word that comes from Medieval Greek. Although there are no specific sources of where the name comes from, macaroni and cheese are one of the most popular dishes. In English speaking countries, the name macaroni is customarily given to a specific shape of pasta, i.e small pasta tubes cut into short pieces. Although the origin of this day is not found, the holiday has been celebrated for years.