This is what I look like!


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Aurora wants to be your friend...As long as you feed her.



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Visions of BLT's .... Have the bacon and lettuce. The tomatoes are nice and ripe.

Then again, I have visions of stacks of 20 dollar bills. Duzn't mean I get them!

Sass Muffin

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The girls from yesterday.
I think Elaina is going to be a mechanic.
She prefers following Ty around to running around outside playing.
They grilled chicken then had a marshmallow roast.





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My youngest son Ty and his fiancee have been doing a lot of night fishing lately.
Last night's catch.

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Fish Fry, Fish Fry
Is that the same fish, or did they each catch one?

I think that's great that they've found something that they both like to do together.

Catfish? Are those unusually large?


Catfish can get huge. Depends on how wily they are. Sometimes the really, really big ones are not fit to eat.

Sass Muffin

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Those are two separate fish, Cooksie.
Yes, they love fishing!
They live on the Maumee.
Independence Dam state park is across the road.
They've found a clearing to set up for a few hours out together.
I believe they've kept and eaten smaller cats.
They do eat blue gill and others too.

Here's one he caught last week.