The "Breakfast" thread


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Breakfast was Yorkshire pudding (mine and hubs topped with leftover pot roast & gravy) and DD's topped with poached eggs. And fresh ground and brewed coffee.




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I've never heard of that (does the name stand for a pork bologna?) But it looks more like bologna to me than pork roll. Is it mild? Taylor ham is smokey (I like the ShopRite brand Pork Roll better than the actual Taylor brand because there is a tangy version).
This stuff I've had in England and Ireland both at pubs with the classic fry up.
Yes, like baloney (bologna) only a lot more fatty bits.


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I tried Taylor ham once, nuff said, but then I'm not real fond of bologna either.

Breakfast yesterday was mashed avocado and pistachio dukkah on a toasted everything bagel. I broke the yolk when I cracked the eggs so that was mine since I don't like runny yolks anyway. Craig's were perfect for him.
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Today's breakfast was brioche French toast flavored with a bit of cinnamon and triple sec.
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