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Hey there! I wanted to know whether there were better quality spices out there to use in my meals. I usually get the one from McCormick but started thinking about trying something else.
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I buy almost all of my spices and herbs from Penzeys https://www.penzeys.com/ , Never had any problem with them. Since I live down here in lower Alabama I use mail order most of the time. They do have stores in a lot of cities across the country. We just got back from Memphis and of course I went to their store there. I think the web site link will show you the cities where they have stores.
While you are thinking about quality of spices, buy yourself a good pepper mill and some Tellicherry pepper corns. Once you taste the flavor of fresh ground black pepper you will never want that stuff that I refer to as sawdust that they sell in the super markets and call black pepper.


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I just received the following Email from Penzeys:

"There's no coupon needed to get your free regular shipping with only $20 in spending. Simply visit us online at penzeys.com where the savings are automatic.

And yes—you can combine $20 shipping with yesterday's free $4.95 value Oregano offer. Just enter the code "holiday" when checking out to get your free 1/2 cup jar. Free Shipping and Free Oregano is a great offer that ends at midnight. Tell a friend, but don't delay!

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Looks like a great time to order.

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I buy all spices -McCormick - at the grocery store, but have also bought large plastic containers at Gordon Food Service (Trade East), as well as an Amish Pantry market.