Spanish Pomace Oil good or bad?


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My aunt got this can and she has no idea if this is healthy. As I read online pomace oil has mixed reviews. Anyone knows this brand? And how okay is this for consumption, especially by someone who had a surgery for cancer.



Johnny West

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extra virgin olive oil is best reserved for dressing/drizzling/etc.
for places that use a lot of EEOO - dilution translates to $$ saved.
My youngest worked in a high end Italian restaurant in Seattle when he was at uni. They mixed olive oil and canola oil for the bread dipping dish. I couldn't tell the difference.


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Mixing 2 oils would be alright I guess. Pomace oil is mixing virgin olive oil with low grade olive oil as I've read, and it "could" cause cancer it says.
They make different names so that we would think it's just another type of oil. lol. :D