Southwestern Breakfast Sandwich - 4 P+


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On weekdays, I have 3/4 cup mixed cold cereals with almond milk. On weekends, I like to have some sort of eggs and bread.

This is quick, simple and delicious!

I bought store brand liquid egg whites, but I miss the yellow food coloring of Eggbeaters.


Southwestern Breakfast Sandwich - 4 WW points plus

1/2 cup liquid egg whites (like Eggbeaters)
1 small oat bran and wheat pita
2 T. WW Mexican shredded cheese
Fresh salsa

Cut pita in half and nuke for 15 seconds to heat up. Gently scramble the egg whites with salt and pepper, and just before set, add cheese and salsa.

Fill each pita half.


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It does look very healthy but needs a rasher of bacon.

LOL! Last week, I was saying to friends, "When I've lost 20 pounds, I'm going to eat a pound of bacon!"

I won't, but it's my fantasy. :mrgreen:


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Lee, even I can't eat a pound! :yum:

I'll have a few slices tomorrow for sure - breakfast for dinner. :readytoeat:

I like eggbeaters and never think to buy them. Congratulations on sticking to your plan and losing the weight.