Smoked Salmon

Johnny West

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sorta. I took this chinook salmon shoulder and gave it a dry rub of sea salt and brown sugar for about six hours and then smoked it, off the the charcoal from last night's steak grilling, and added alder for smoke. I didn't think to cut it into strips before the brining but am sure it will be fine and didn't mean this to a bona fide smoke salmon but a quick fix to get the fillet out of the refer. Tonight will be bagels and cream cheese, et cetera.



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And red onion and CAPERS!!!

Looks fantastic, Johnny!


Johnny West

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Yup, got the red onion and have capers in the ice box. I have
the ones cured in rock salt but only use then in puttanesca.

The commissary didn't have fresh made bagels so stopped
off at the local grocer and got a few asiago bagels. No one
in this area makes onion or poppyseed.

Sass Muffin

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My brother has a friend from Ludington, Michigan.
He caught these in August and they've been experimenting with an Egg for smoking it.
Well done, I say!


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