Smoked Hot Hungarian Peppers,


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I picked a dozen or so peppers Sunday while I was smoking my pastrami so I thought I'd throw these on the smoker as long as it was lit.

Sliced them in half and laid them on the rakes with hickory and at about 250° if I remember correctly. pulled them when I thought they looked good,

It was late that night so I frig'ed them and then stuck them in the dehydrator the next afternoon till they were crushable, then ground them up in my mini coffee grinder, (hand crank) and after three grinds I had enough. here they are side by side with some unsmoked ones

And a little close up.

What a difference in the flavor profile, I can't wait to make some sausage with this stuff...Stay tuned for that. and thanks for looking

High Cheese

Dam, looks great. Im growing some peppers Id like to do that with.

Howd you smoke the pastrami? I have a corned beef brisket in the freezer.


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Dan, Love smoked Chiles, well smoked anything really. I smoke Chiles also, table fair as well as used in my sausage making. I make some into powder and some crushed. Use the crushed in cooking and the sausage. Nice job. CF