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I never saw St. Louis style ribs in a store before, but there they were, in my Stop and Shop!

They are spare ribs, trimmed down to the ribs, without the skirt or what we call the "trimmings". For only $2.99/lb!

I could have done well with one rack of ribs, but I wanted to share with some friends.

I also found, in the same supermarket, for the first time, a little "half pork picnic"! Perfect!!

I removed the rind and fat from the picnic, cut it into squares, and roasted the rinds in the oven at 300 for, um, about 2 and a half hours, I think. GREAT chicharones!

The ribs and pork I smoked the usual way (I've posted about these before. I think, in the BBQ forum). I must have photos of them elsewhere.

I am just loving the small portions for just me and maybe a friend or two!



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Mmmmmm, those do look good Lee. I love it when we find surprises like that in the grocery store. :thumb: :tiphat: