Slow cooker brisket question


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I got a 1.58 lb seasoned brisket at Kroger's today. I've never cooked one before and am trying not to heat up the kitchen. How long would you think it should take to cook? Should I put in liquid and if so, what kind?
I appreciate your advice!

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How much broth do you think since it's a small piece of meat 1 cup? And I thought I'd add onion which would add more liquid.....?
I've added 2 cups of beef broth before for a brisket that small.
I don't think it would hurt anything.
Like Lee said though, I'd check it after four hours.
I've made lots of stuff in my crockpot before that is done waaaay before I expected lol


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Congrats on the brisket! Try slow cooking it in a crockpot for about 6-8 hours on low. Add a bit of beef broth or water to keep it moist. Enjoy!
Thank you! I actually used a cup of beer as my liquid. Turned out really good!