Salt - whyfore art Thou Salt?


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everyone has likely read the trillions of posts about salt and how it Oz-Moses thru x, y, and z.

did your eyes glaze over?

well, here's a write up with pictures of what happens when - forget the how&why - you can see in "time lapse" the reason for doing some things.

oh, by the way, yes - it really does work
oh, by the way, yes it really does make improvements.
I have a porterhouse on the counter that is currently backing that up.


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If I knew this, I've forgotten it.

I've dry-aged beef roasts with great success, and I ALWAYS pat meats dry before grilling them (I rarely marinate or brine - too wet).

I'm going to try this, share this, and will follow her on Facebook to see more of her recipes.

Thanks, CM!



Still trying to get it right.



There is a post for dry brined reverse seared steaks - here It does not include the rinsing and thorough drying of the meat but I think it should. I've always rinsed and dried wet brined poultry so why not dry brined beef?


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I've read many 'articles' / posts on the topic - some being simple statements, some thick geeky scientific treaties - but the pictures are way more informative.

I almost always salt and leave on the countertop; just me.