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I've been working on creating some recipes to enter this contest. You can enter up to 3 times. Top prize is $2000 and your recipe featured in Food Network Magazine. Second place is a People Choice Award for $750. It's pretty easy really. Kinda like Franken Pantry :lol:

You have until March 7th to enter.

Official Contest Ingredients
We’ve provided a list of official contest ingredients. Your original recipe submission must include one of three Simply Potatoes® products and four more contest ingredients for a total of five required ingredients.

Your entry must include 1 of these:
Simply Potatoes® Shredded Hashbrowns
Simply Potatoes® Diced Potatoes with Onions
Simply Potatoes® Traditional Mashed Potatoes

And your entry must include 4 of these:
Fresh or Frozen Shrimp
Fresh or Frozen Spinach
Fresh Carrots
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Green Onions
Red Bell Peppers
Chicken Broth
Alfredo Sauce
Goat Cheese
Taco Seasoning
Black Beans
White Wine Vinegar

Along with the five required contest ingredients, you may use as many other ingredients as you like. However, the five contest ingredients you use must be essential to the dish – meaning that if you took any one of them away, it would alter the dish and make it something different. Layman’s terms: Don’t use one of your five ingredients as a garnish!

Read more:

Anyone else wanna play?

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That looks like fun, Mama!

We have some really talented and creative people here who could take a good run at this contest!

I will give it some thought myself!




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Two thou is a pretty nice prize! Looks like you have lots to choose from too. Good luck, I'll be crossing my fingers for you.


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I'd love to enter, but today is, I believe, the last day, & for some bizarre reason, the site won't allow me to register; just drones on & on & on without any resolution. Oh well - there will be other contests.


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Actually Breezy, I think tomorrow is the last day to enter. It says "enter by March 7".
Thanks! But regardless, the site must be having problems, because after I enter all of my info & they've approved it, "submit" just drones on & on & on. I think I've had it running now for almost 2 hours, & have resubmitted it once in the interim.


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Thanks Peepers. It was really good. The nutrition information is wrong but should be fixed by tomorrow.


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They have a computer that figures it. The mistake was made by me when I was putting in the information.