Pork Rind Flour (how to make and measure)


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I plan to post some low carb recipes that call for pork rind flour, so instead of repeating over and over the instructions on how to make and measure it, I am posting the instructions here so I can link to them as needed.

Grind pork rinds in a food processor or coffee grinder until the consistency of flour.

When measuring, do not pack. Measure by loosely spooning into a measuring cup or spoon, then level it off.

1/2 ounce of pork rinds are equal to 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of pork rind flour.


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Granny, never used pork rind flour. How are the pork rinds made before grinding? I have made crackling and pork rinds but never ground any. CF


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They are fried. I have never made pork rinds from scratch, I buy bags of ready-made.

As for grinding them, some low carbers coarsely grind them and use a cup or so instead of bread or crackers when making meatloaf, meatballs, stuffed peppers or stuffed cabbage rolls.

If you grind it into a flour, you can also use a little of it to thicken certain dishes, like chili. I buy a couple of bags of rinds at a time, coarsely grind them and keep them in the freezer to use as needed.


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Thanks for clearing that up for me. We have butchered hogs all my life. Always rendered the lad, cooked the fat tissue down. And fried all the pig skin. But never ever made flour from them. One is never to old to learn. Thanks. CF:clap:


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I think making flour out of store bought pork rinds is a brilliant idea for lo-carbers!

At least, I'm assuming that Granny means the kind of pork rinds you buy as a snack, which are essentially pork-flavor, crunchy puffs.

Not sure using home-made pork rinds, cracklin's, chicharones to grind up for flour would work.

CF, I'll add some photos of the store bought rinds and some of my home-roasted rinds for comparison.

What do you think, Granny?



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Yep, your top photo is pork skins fried. The other photos are pork skins without the fat removed fried ( chicharones ). I know the difference. CF


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You're right, Lee. The bagged pork rinds are the ones to use. I sometimes buy bagged rinds at Wally World that are the same as the other brands, but are called chicharones on the bag. But the chicharones pictured above definitely wouldn't work. The purpose of the rinds in recipes is to absorb liquid, so they must be dry.