Planning and prepping for 30+ in this heat!!


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We are having a cookout tomorrow of which we will be having at least 30 people. I have been prepping all day as well as some last night and I am only about half done....haven't even starting cleaning yet let alone baths for the girls. Maybe planning this in a heat wave such as this wasn't the smartest idea we have ever had!!:bonk::pat: and to top it off poor hubby is pllanning on starting at the grill at least an hr before guests least they aren't due to come till early evening!

My menu is: (I was aiming at as many make ahead items as possible so I can actually enjoy myself this time!)

Lumpia eggrolls
Zucchinni cigars
Homemade Salsa/chips
Spinach dip/crackers/veggies-bell peppers,carrots,cellery,sugar snap peas
Bacon ranch pull bread

Lemon Honey mustard thighs
Spicy Sweet BBQ Rub thighs
Mojo drums
Pinoy pork ribs
Beef kefeta kebabs

Pinto Beans
Mama's broccoli pasta salad
Paula Deen's potato casserole
Bakery rolls

lime bars
vanilla pound cake
pecan chocolate chip cookies

Sme friends will also be bringing a few sides and drinks.....hopefully we will have enough! Heres to praying we don't melt away before the party starts!:weber:


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Thanks Mama but I feel quite the opposite...I keep second guessing the variety of food...if I have enough I have too much?...Do I have too little?? LOL But right now I have no choice but to go with it and hope for the best!

BTW I am excited to try your Broccoli Pasta salad recipe! I have to use elbow because I forgot to pick up more spirals. Also I may seperate the recipe to make half with bacon and half without... I realized that about 7 guests don't eat pork (and I have ALOT of pork items!! lol)


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Thanks Cooksie I hope so :)
We just ordered pizza because there is NO WAY I am cookking dinner tonight! lol


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Oh Dee, it sounds sumptuous! I'm sure everyone will be delighted. Don't have a heatstroke getting everything ready, now. Drink lots and lots of fluids, OK?


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Dee, that is downright damned impressive! I know you like to cook, but that's a monumental effort, in this heat and with a couple of kids running around! Sheesh!

Sounds as if you have it under control, though.

Whenever you get a chance, would you please post your recipe for Bacon Pull Bread? I think I'd like to just have that and beer and it would be a happy party for me! LOL!

Oh, and post whatever pictures you manage to take before everything gets devoured!



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Thanks Karen and I will :)

And thanks as well Lee it has been...interesting with these two girls underfoot but at least tomorrow there will many plenty of other kids to keep them occupied!

I'll post the link to that pull bread right now! The pics will have you drooling!! :D


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WOW! Dee, that is a feast fit for a king! :w00t:

Awesome menu! That is going to be one heck of a cookout!!!!

Oh…….and I just fired all of my people! :yum:


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Thanks Keltin :D

Oh and I decided to give my people one more chance (being that they are only 1 and 4 yrs old) but I gave them a written warning and docked their pay!! They assured me it WILL NOT happen again!



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Thanks Keltin :D

Oh and I decided to give my people one more chance (being that they are only 1 and 4 yrs old) but I gave them a written warning and docked their pay!! They assured me it WILL NOT happen again!




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Well, I was trying to be nice, but I didn't get my invitation either :sad:

You could just sit a bowl of crumbled bacon next to the broccoli pasta salad and people can add as much or as little as they want and you won't have to make separate salads.


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Sorry Mama, it won't happen again!:oops:

and if I put the bacon on the side it won't look nearly as pretty!! :( But maybe, I'll see. Thanks.


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Ok heres pics of my party spread, I tried to take pics before too much was eaten :D I also took tutorial pics of me making the Lumpia Eggrolls that I will post in the Lumpia thread from awhile back....if I can find it!

Also I had forgotten to take pics of the desert but they looked exactly the same as the last time I made them so I added those pics! lol


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Are you still standing, Dee? That looks magnificent. I hope everyone was properly grateful for such a banquet.


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Oh I was hurting this morning but have recovered now!! lol And yes everyone was very happy and appreciative, I knew they would be that is why I don't mind the work, it does the heart good to see people enjoy themselves and esp to see them try and enjoy new foods!
I didn't even take pics of the platters outside of all the dips and trays I made lol :D

Only thing I didn't get to make was the bacon cheddar the time I got to it everyone was eating dinner and I knew we had already plenty of food! lol oh well next time! :)


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That is amazing Dee!!! Awesome job! I don't know how you did all that in such a short time, but it is incredible!! :clap:

And, uh, I just hired my people back JUST so I can fire them again!!!! :lol: