Pickle-brined turkey breast


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I'm putting this in the poultry forum instead of Outdoor Cooking because I'm sure it would be excellent for roasted turkey, too.

A bbq acquaintance, Jim Slotterback, posted on Facebook about pickle brining whole turkey and I was intrigued. I make a dozen pickled eggs for my father every other month, but never have enough pickle juice. Jim said he buys gallon jugs of pickle juice on Amazon, so I did that, solving two problems.

I put the turkey breast meat side down in a pot that just fit in my fridge and covered most of it with the pickle juice. Left it in the fridge overnight for about 12 hours. When I took the breast out, I saw that the juice had not reached the section of breast that had been sitting on the bottom of the pot. Will have to figure out a better way next time.

I patted the breast dry, sprinkled it all over with a rub (McCormick's Montreal Chicken Seasoning), sprayed with Pam, and put it on the smoker at 250 degrees until the meat reached 165 degrees internal. About 2 hours, no wood.

After resting, I cut the meat from the bones and chopped up some samples to give to a couple of neighbors sitting in my yard. LOVED it! The very best smoked turkey I've ever made! Does not taste pickle-y, just moist without being dripping wet.

I will definitely try this again, both in the smoker and in my oven!


Turkey in pot.JPG

Turkey brined.JPG

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Looks GREAT. Will have to try this. Thanks Lee!!!! :tiphat:


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From what I understand, Chick-Fil-A marinates their chicken for their chicken sandwiches in pickle juice. I love those sandwiches. I'd rather have a Chick-Fil-A sandwich than a hamburger.

I might have to try this in the oven. Great post, Q-Sis!