Picked up a Propane-fired Deep-Fryer this weekend....


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And I've been having a ball!

Did chicken-fried steak the first night. Learned a few things REAL quick, about over-filling the pot, etc. I did have a little spill over, but nothing major, no flare.

Second night, made sure my mise en place was totally set before I started cooking. I ended up doing Fried Chicken Legs. 8 lbs worth! The family ate them off in about 15 minutes! I got all the legs done in two batches. MMMMMM!!!!

Tonight, I tried something totally different. I pulled my wok out and sure enough, it fits on the burner! I did a homemade version of Lo Mein noodles with pork, chicken, and veggies:

Only problem with this, is that the wok is to small to make enough for 7 people. I kind of figured it would be, so I did something different for the noodles themselves, and everything else was cooked in the wok. Plated the noodles (well, "bowled" them), and added some the meat/veggies/broth over the noodles. Pretty darn good.

I'm probably going to have to get a separate wok burner and a large wok, though.

Once I get the kinks worked out, I'll shoot some vids of how I cook various items with this. Probably be later this summer.


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I've had one for years though a craw fish boiler which is the same thing other than a larger pot with the craw fish over the turkey. I have often used it for a wok burner until I got my induction stove but would use it in a minute again if needed.


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Lo Mein looks great!

I had one of those at one time too. It was mainly used for crawfish. I got into a cleaning mode one day and decided that it was taking up too much space :bonk:. Sold it for about $20....the guy who bought it was a very happy camper.


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I wouldn't mind doing a crawfish boil. Only problem is, one of my kids thinks that crawfish make good pets, and would probably look down on me eating potential pets for him.

PeppA likes to make a dish called "Beer Shrimp". Basically, it's shrimp, crab, and lobster tail steamed in a beer/vinegar court bouillon flavored with Old Bay seasoning. This setup will work perfectly.


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Very good purchase. You always boil up a bunch mudbugs for a beer time snack when the kids go to bed. ;)


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Been frying turkeys for years. I switched to an oil-less fryer last year and I am well pleased with it. My old turkey fryer is now my fish and low country boil cooker!