Peep's BBQ Red Pork/Ribs


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Peep's BBQ Red Pork/Ribs

≈1lb Boneless pork loin cut into chunks or rack of ribs

2 TBSP Hoisin sauce
1 tsp Ah-So sauce
1/8 tsp. Chinese 5 spice - optional
Honey - to taste - optional

Combine all in bowl and mix well

Pre-heat oven: convection roast 350°F (can use regular oven temp 350°F may take a bit longer; check internal temp).

Coat pork/ribs in sauces on all sides
Place pork/ribs on foil lined tray.
Roast 20 minutes then turn and roast an additional 20 minutes or to internal temperature of 165°F
Slice into strips to use in wonton soup (thin strips) and lo mein (thick strips) or medium dice for use in fried rice.