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Has anyone on here heard about Ginspired? It seems quite a novel idea. It's a recipe book for cooking with gin inspired by the fact that there are tons of well-known recipes involving rum, brandy, etc. but very few involving gin. It's well worth checking out. It's being funded on Kickstarter at the moment - you can find it by searching for "Ginspired: The Ultimate Gin Cookbook".


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Hi Edith!

welcome to the community. :)

I haven’t heard anything about Ginspired. Is that your gig? Please feel free to explain. ?


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Welcome, Edith!

Please share with us some of your favorite recipes, with or without gin.

I am a lover of gin martinis, and tonight is martini night!


Johnny West

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How was it?

It was excellent. I used the gin from Netherlands and local juniper berries. The recipe was from a German cookbook which my son has now. The gin sauce was so good the kids sopped it all up with bread after the roast was demolished.