New season of Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations


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I like his shows too. Sometimes he's a little over the top for entertainment purposes, but he delivers it in a funny way.....will be watching.


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I love all the exotic places that he travels to. I particularly love the episodes filmed in Africa. Always been a dream of mine to go there. I think there is going to be an episode in Liberia this season - as a history major in college, this one will be right up my alley! I think he must have a stomach made of steel too! :)


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i watched this season's opening episode in the grenadines. boy, was it boring.

anthony isn't as watchable when he gushes over someone, in this case it was his buddy, who lives on the private resort island of petit st vincent. somehow, this is the guy who invented fusion cooking all by himself, lol.

i hope the season gets better.


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I've seen every episode. I really like Anthony. I've taken a lot from his show and implemented it into my own food.


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ok, so this season is getting better, but the paris episode was a little vomitaceous. yeah yeah, we know. tony is a big time francophile, but trying to pass off the idea that the french have suddenly stopped being snooty, especially about food is a bit much.

i loved the promos for his 100th episode. adam richman seemed somewhat sincere, but andrew zimmern could barely choke out the words. i guess he didn't like tony calling him "that fat bald guy that eats spiders".