New guy here

Hello everyone, heard about this forum today, and joined within a few minutes! Came for Luckytrim's cartoons, and decided to stay. :)
I'm from Sri Lanka, a small island nation in the Indian ocean. Not much of an "experienced cook" but I love to read about food and learn new things.


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Welcome, LastMan! Looking forward to hearing about your favorite dishes, whether you cook them yourself or just enjoy eating them!

Glad you made it LMS !! Right off, you'll discover that our Food Pics are much easier to look at than at "That Other Site" ............ Poke around and join in wherever .............
Yeah, things here are larger in size. Thanks for showing me this site.
vBulletin has a tough competition from Xenforo in that regard. Also more options I guess. I was on this site more than the "other site" yesterday.