New Fav Vacation Spot!


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We had a double vacation this past weekend first part was a family trip To Dillon State Park where we rented a cabin over night but then we dropped off the girls with my MIL and had a romantic getaway at a place called Salt Fork Lodge.....I LOVED it there and now we are pining to return there well the Fall colors arrive!
Here are a few pics :) It was storming like crazy when we arrived and I was so excited I for the first time captured a lightning bolt on camera :D the thirdpic was the view from our balcony as well as the lighning shot .


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a few more :D The stone house in the previous set as well as the root cellar and antique looking room ( I took the pic through the window) was the home of the origional owner that owned all the surrounding land (we are talking about a vast amount!!) it was all farm land and the decided to fill it in to make a lake! Amazing!


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It looks like a wonderfully relaxing place Dee! I'm glad you had a good deserved a break after the wonderful cookout you hosted!


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Thank you Mama we really did enjoy it but the funny thing was we had to rush home because we had last minute guests coming to visit from New Jersey! So unfortunately the last day was a bit hurried.....and now today we are having last minute guests from California.......:huh::bonk:


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I'm glad you two had so much fun. Those are all beautiful photos, but that deer......:a1:.


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Excellent photos of a gloriously beautiful spot, Dee!!

I'm so glad you and DH had a good time. Thanks for sharing with us!



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Thank you Cooksie and Lee :)
Cooksie that dear deer was so cute! :D He just stood there not afraid at all and his mom kept calling after him somewhere in the trees...he would look back for a second as if to say "I'm coming hang on!!" but would still just stand there looking at us :)


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What wonderful photos! It sure looks like a great getaway for the two of you.

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.


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Beautiful pics Dee! That's a place DH and I will have to look into for a nice weekend getaway!I like the looks of that better than Mohican Lodge...


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GREAT pics Dee. I love Salt Fork and used to go there regularly years ago. I had forgotten how beautiful it is there. Looks like they upgraded the lodge since I was last there. If the pics of the water were Salt Fork I'm surprised there were not boats on the water. They are normally everywhere. :D


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Thanks Doc! and oh there were PLENTY of boats out as well as jet skis, the water pictured was a small part of the lake in front of the Stone House so it was a pretty secluded area away from the marinas. We really loved it there, we will definately return! I am hoping next time to get one of the lake front cabins!