NCT's Iron Chef 38: Battle Eggs


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For Iron Chef 38, the secret challenge is……..


As with the other ICs, this is a challenge to ourselves. There is no judging, and no winner. We are ALL winners in this since we will all benefit from the creativity and new recipes that this challenge will bring us.

The rules are simple, this challenge is open for 7 days (week of 1/24/10 - 1/31/10). During that 7 day period, make any kind of dish you want, however you want. Drink, Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert, etc. The only stipulations are that you must use Eggs in some way in the dish, and it must be something you have cooked during the 7 day period of this challenge.

Once your dish is ready, it’s a good idea to make a new post with your recipe. Then, post a link and a picture of your recipe to this thread. Alternatively, if you like, post your recipe and pictures here. In the end, we will compile all the results into one thread for easy searching.

Now, let Battle Eggs begin!

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Dinner tonight was the IC Challenge. This is even great heated up the next day in the microwave or you can cut it into squares and heat it up in a frying pan.

Cheesy Breakfast Casserole


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He took his picture while I was making this for his breakfast..






Messy as it seems, he ate every bite:shock:


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...and I bet he licked the yolk off of the plate, too! Now THAT'S a breakfast sammie.


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A very simple, yet much loved presentation here in the south: Grits & Eggs.

I went a bit further and added cheese. And of course, the preferred way to eat this is to mix it all up so the yolk flows and changes the color to yellow. Yum!

Add toast, a dollop of grape jelly, bacon, green onions, shrimp……the possibilities are endless, but you can never go wrong with this ultra simple breakfast offering. Heck, I love eating this for dinner. It’s simple, but man I love this! :thumb:






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YUMMY KELTIN!! i love grits with butter and cheese!! but i prefer my poached eggs on the side so i can dip my toast in them.


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YUMMY KELTIN!! i love grits with butter and cheese!! but i prefer my poached eggs on the side so i can dip my toast in them.

It's definitely a southern thing. I haven't met many people other than Southern Reds that like it this way.....but hey.....give it a try! I might convert you!!!! :lol: