Middle Grounds Grill Treasure Island FL


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Last Saturday my wife and I went to the Middle Gounds Grill for the first time after getting several good reviews from friends. We were not disappointed. The service was excellent over all. We didn't realize the wait would be so long, not such a good thing with a pregnant wife. Once we were seated and the waitress realized she had a hungry pregnant woman on her hands went out of her way to make sure we had bread and olive oil dip immediately. She then brought out my wife's asparagus and fire roasted red pepper bisque super fast(the bisque was unreal). We started with tangy ginger calamari. The calamari was the only somewhat dissapointment. It said on the menu it was flash fried and tossed with a pacific tangy ginger sauce. It came out flash fried with a side of tangy ginger sauce and a side of marinara. The calamari was nice and tender and tasted fresh, so it was good overall, just not what we were expecting. I ordered hog snapper with a nut(can't remember which kinds) crust with a mango buerre blanc with some sort of sweet potatoe. My wife ordered beef stroganoff. The hog snapper was delicous, done to perfection, and the buerre blanc was super sweet, yet not so much as to be distracting. The sweet potatoes were good, basically it looked like they shave super thin strips of sweet potatoe and layered them in a baking dish then baked, probably with a little brown sugar(very little). The beef stroganouf was delicous, the beef tips melted in your mouth. Overall if you're in the area and want a good dining experience centered on seafood I would highly recommend Middle Gounds Grill. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links yet or not, but you can google the name and it comes up easily.