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my FIL used to do just a couple slices of bacon in the microwave, between paper towels (spatter prevention....)

anyone using / perfected this method? timing? cook/stop/cook?

for example, this AM preparing to dance with drifts, made bacon and French toast. the toast is the easy bit! the bacon done in a pan is a long semi-slow cook so it's crisp but not over done / burnt. I just don't do miserable bacon....

wouldn't it be cool to nuke up 2-3 slices in 2-3 minutes?

we have access to some super dry cured bacon - not yer' Uncle's Oscar Mayer stuff - in thick or thin slice, hickory or apple wood smoke.... divine bacon - it may microwave a bit different however "I can persist!"


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My aunt was a big fan of bacon done in the microwave - partly because it's easy clean-up, but mostly because she was fat-phobic, and so much of the grease was absorbed in the paper towels.

I only use that method in a pinch. My favorite way is the slow skillet on stove method. But if I'm making a lot, I put it on a rack or 2 over foiled jelly roll pans and bake it at 350 for a half hour.



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one of the reasons I keep wandering over to the m/w theory is simply most strips of bacon are too long for the typical 10" fry pan. which leads to a pan juggling act . . . or more recently I just lop the strips in half and put in the pan.

if we have a crowd I'm using the flat electric griddle or a burner spanning griddle on the cooktop. but that's a bit much for two.

curly messes of bacon isn't my style . . . so I'm looking to to flat on a dish.

it's two people . . . that's why I'm thinking x minutes between towels in the m/w and done. right now I do the sloe pan to perfection, then a quick shake&drain, then onto a paper towel immediately followed by press&blotting with a second paper towel.


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This is what I use. I usually do about 4 slices @ 1 minute per slice covered with wax paper. Quick!


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I've seen those in the stores. never went for it as it's just 'one more doohickie' - and having the historical input from my FIL of 'paper towels on a plate' - figured it wasn't essential.

but - indeed it's good to know 'they work' - a Plan B situation may have to go there.


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I used to do this as a child but the truth is food is all about flavor and a microwave rips flavor out of everything. Get it in a pan hahaa


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microwaves-- culinary sin, i don't believe in them-- stoves can attest to that

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We bake bacon now and it comes out okay. If I do bacon in cast iron on the stove top I clean the stove top immediately to avoid marital confrontation.