McCormick's Spaghetti Sauce copycat recipe


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My wife makes fantastic spaghetti sauce.
She was going to make spaghetti this week for dinner but could not find the McCormick's spaghetti sauce packet in the store where she always gets it.
I started to order it from amazon's but found out it has been discontinued. No clue why but now my wife in in a panic. What to use instead to make her awesome spaghetti sauce.

Hoping someone here has a spaghetti sauce recipe that could help her out.

Note: She starts out with ground beef and a jar of Ragu, diced onions and shredded carrots and garlic ...and McCormick's packet.


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I use Victoria jarred marinara sauce because it's delicious on its own. I do add fresh garlic and dried Italian herbs though.

I just bought a jar of Rao's because I read that it's even better than Victoria. Haven't tried it yet.

Guess my point is that if you start with a great storebought sauce and add your stuff, like your wife does, Doc, it'll be great.

Pretty sure I've not had Ragu.


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I grew up on McCormick's spaghetti sauce. It’s what my mother used ever since I could remember. She stored her extra packets in her cookie jar. When I got her cookie jar it still smelled of the packets. After all these years the smell has disappeared. With that said, I use my home canned tomatoes, garlic, basil, and parsley, sometimes oregano and Italian seasonings. We do keep jarred sauce to help fortify the sauce, at times. I always add red wine, too.