Longaniza Sausage


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Spanish Longaniza
I made this up a while back and posted it on another site. I'd really like to share some thing's that I do but don't plan on making anything soon, so I thought I’d share it with ya, let me know if regurgitating posts from other sites is acceptable, if not I'll stop ....some people frown on it. If it's ok I'll post a few.

I found this on Len Poli's site, here's the link for the recipe and instructions;

Well it sounded interesting, but it also sounded extremely hot since over 2% of the total weight was hot paprika. ( not a fan of real hot) After asking around I was assured by a couple people that because it had sugar in the recipe it would mellow out the peppers heat. I figured why not, if I can't eat it cause of the heat I know people that I could pawn it off on.
At the last minute I chickened out and only made 2 ½ pounds, in hind sight I wish I hadn't as it's pretty good stuff.

I made a couple changes to the recipe out of necessity. I used hot paprika instead of smoked hot paprika, and I used 32mm casings as apposed to the 38's he suggested. I did end up stuffing a link in 38mm collagen because I didn't clean enough naturals. I think next time I'll get some 38mm as it was a nicer portion when sliced.
I also used less water and more wine, but kept the same amount of total liquid.

The processing and cooking was done just as it was spelled out, ground the meat with ¾” plate and the fat with ½ “ mix it up and let it rest for 36 hours.
Cold smoke it first, then bump the temps until the IT hits 160°
One thing I started to follow and I knew better, was that he recommends final cooker temp of 180 and I tried it and they did start to fat out. I lowered it back to 170 and waited it out.

That's about it, except for the hardest part. After cooling you need to let them dry in the frig for 5 days. That was the tough part.

Here's a couple pic's of the final product, I've got some camera issues so this is all I got to offer.




I really like the course grind and the dryness of this sausage, it has a real meaty mouth feel to it that I like. And the heat was there, but it was a nice mellow heat that sneaks up on the back of your throat.

I'm going to be play around with this one again.

If you don't mind repeat posts from other sites I'd love to share more with ya.

Thanks for looking,

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Dan, all I can see is good eats. Awesome !! Len Poli's site is super. great recipes and lots of tips and how to. I go there often. CF


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Awesome sausages brutha Dan. I really like that texture as well. I might be a little afraid of the heat though. I'm a woosie. You have always been an inspiration in my sausage making adventures and I really enjoy seeing your weiners. :blob_blue:


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Dan, that looks spectacular!

And the way you described the heat is perfect! Just the way I like it!