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I've been buying these baby lettuces lately and have been surprised at how much longer they keep than the bagged mixed greens and how much better they taste than romaine. They come four to a pack with a mix of red and green lettuces - petite gem, petite oak, and petite tango.

I got a lettuce lesson today :). I had to go hunt down the types of lettuce. The pkg just says,"three lettuce varieties."

Simple Watermelon Feta Salad - Greens dressed with olive oil and vinegar, watermelon, and feta cheese:


From their website:

"Just in time for February Heart Month, Tanimura & Antle’s Artisan Lettuce has received certification as a heart healthy food from the American Heart Association. Packages of Artisan Lettuce will feature the Heart Check mark that easily identifies it as a sensible food choice in an overall heart healthy diet.

According to Diana McClean, Director of Marketing, “The American Heart Association has created the Heart Check mark certification program to simplify heart healthy shopping.” She added, “Fresh vegetables and nutrition go hand in hand, however, with this certification and symbol, shoppers can quickly identify heart health with Artisan Lettuce.

To be certified, a product must meet the specific nutritional levels outlined for a specific food. Being an unprocessed vegetable, Artisan Lettuce is naturally low in fat; however, each 85g serving of Artisan Lettuce delivers 45% of the Daily Value of Vitamin A. Complete information on the Heart Check mark Nutritional Guidelines can be found here, www.heartcheckmark.org/guidelines."



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Wow! Beautiful photos, Cooksie!

I just bought some baby lettuce blends at the store, too!