Let’s see your garden pics!


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Onions, carrots, bell peppers, and more. We have been blessed with a good amount of rain so far.


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This is the part of my garden that's on my patio. It's early and it doesn't look like much now, but later it will be beautiful. I have more plants along a chainlink fence and will take another photo when those grow a bit.

I grow 5 slicing tomatoes, 1 cherry tomato, French Breakfast radishes which I plant around the tomatoes and peppers, 2 ichiban eggplants, 1 Bella Rosa eggplant, 2 jalapenos, a pot of celery, a pot of yellow wax beans, a pot of snap peas (not doing well), five window boxes of flowers, three large pots of different flowers (one large pot is all sunflowers), and your basic herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, cilantro, basil, mint and, if I can find it this year, marjoram which I prefer to oregano.) And some hanging flowering plants, too. And a lemon tree that I grew from an organic lemon seed. And chives, everywhere!

I have to grow almost everything in pots, since I live on a ledge and only have about 1/2" of topsoil.


2022 patio garden.JPG