Key Lime Pie


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we were in FL, DW had key lime pie for desert. it was so good....she asked about the recipe...the waiter came back from the kitchen and said:
"We make our own using the recipe on the back of Nellie&Joes key lime juice."

so now I do too - I was surprised to fine it in the supermarket by name brand; apparently it's widely distributed. here's the drill - it's really simple.

from bottle: Nellie & Joes Key West Lime Juice (from concentrate)

pre heat oven.

beat three egg yolks (size: large eggs) into
14 ounce by weight can of sweetened condensed milk
thoroughly mix in one-half cup lime juice

pour into graham cracker crust
bake in pre-heated 350'F oven for 15 minutes
allow to cool on rack for 15 minutes
refrigerate uncovered until chilled (so it doesn't sweat)
after chilled, cover pie (so it doesn't skin over)

serve with blob of whipped cream and mint sprig

it says 9" pie pan - that produces a very thin pie - use smaller pie crust
(see the pix from May 2018)

DW thinks 1/2 cup (previous pie) was too much lime juice (one cup ca. 250 g divided by 2 = 125 g) so I used 65 grams - and two out of three diners wished for more limey-ness. YMMV.

(yes, I'm mixing my weights and volumes here folks . . . I can do fives/tens of grams much easier than tenths of a fluid ounce....)


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all dressed up with a definite destination on file . . .


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Well, the fact that the custard only goes halfway up the crust leaves plenty of room to pile on the whipped cream!

Nice and easy recipe, Cman!



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yeah - I was thinking maybe a strawberry mousse on top . . .

speaking of which - are strawberries up in Georgia/Carolinas? ours come in around June - but I haven't seen any from the Carolinas yet - all I've seen a wooden CA ones.

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When Matt was chef for Home Port Restaurant in Menemsha he made all his pies from scratch - his key lime pie recipe came off the back of the same bottle.

He also made a blueberry pie from Maine blueberries that came frozen from Sysco. A patron complained to him his pie was made from canned blueberries. I watched him make pies and they all were made from scratch, even his crusts.

He makes all the pizza crust for The Spur even though he doesn't work there.


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had to go look this up again - this is on the crust slate for the key lime

it's flourized almonds and AP / sugar / butter / extract with couple dabs of cold water - comes together in a springform pan for the lemon tart. it a winner - need to check the sizes on my springform pans tho....


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