i've got almonds--


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looking into uses beyond typical ones-- they're roast almonds w/ lite salt, & i'm not into too many sugary items, tho weaken as i drive my buggy through bakery aisles--
won't ingest chocolate; hm..... could make almond bark-- could give away @ Easter; tho, if anyone can give me their thoughts, i would appreciate that--


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Chex Mix, but use almonds instead of peanuts.



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lollie, i luv salads; TY; appreciate that, i'll use 'em 4 that
i'm an oatmeal cookie junkie, 'cept (shhhh) they're via 'iggle baking aisles-- unless i take them somewhere; then they get put onto a platter & i say nothing--

lee; i'd forgotten chex could be way beyond simple 'ol cereal, & can be made into scads of stuff-- my oven is not itself, tho i could wait & use my Mom/Vinny's--- TY, both~~
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Fresh green beans, mushrooms and almonds.
Chicken stir fry and add almonds.