In-ground BBQ pit

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When I got the farm tractor centered on the lawn, the War Dept issued a stop work order!! Just as well, it turns out that the "Bricks" that I got are actually "Block" made from cement rather than brick, or fire brick. (anybody need some cement pavers?) Apparently they don't hold up under the "friggn' hawt" environment. But, I intend to build a pit as soon as I get the rest of the materials together...and I guess it won't be centered on the lawn.

Good lookin' meat there High, thx



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"Besides making the pit more permanent, I want to add one of those hanging grills that uses something that looks like a plant hanger."

HighCheese, I just read an article about these on NPR. Hope you enjoy the read.

Here's the article:

Creating A Schwenker World, One Backyard Grill At A Time

It sounds a little dirty, but a schwenker is just a German word for a swinging grill that looks like a tripod, set over charcoal. Schwenker evangelists are spreading the word about this unique grill around the world.
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That is a fantastic article, CalicoLady!!!

I am going to share it with some of my BBQ friends!

Thank you!