I'm looking for a cooking show


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I saw a cooking show and I have no idea what channel it was on or (obviously) what the cook/chef's name was. I want to try to hunt down his crouton recipe, but need his name to do so. If in fact he has a site or is on FN.
I don't know if he cooks this way all the time, but he was in "his kitchen" and had a kitchen table to the side that he and his son ate at when the stuff was done. He was about 35-40 (I'm bad with ages) and his son was six maybe(?) and they were black. He fixed a very hearty meal with bacon in the meatballs and did something to the croutons I tried to duplicate last night with absolutely no memory of what he actually did (lol). Something like mixing the bread in mayo, egg or something... adding red pepper flakes and other seasoning... or something... His son helped with some of the minor stuff like forming the meatballs.
In fact, I'd like to look up some of his other recipes, like the meatballs, as I didn't catch if he cooked the bacon first before sticking it in the meatballs.

Any ideas what this show is?


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Well, it could have been, but there's a few channels now with food programming on it. I can't for the life of me remember exactly what he looked like. If he had a mustache, or was bald... How many chef's are cooking with their kids? Does Arron McCargo?


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Sass! You're a sweetheart!
How did you find that?! I was doing searches on croutons within his recipes (supposedly) and couldn't find a recipe that he had made. That's it!
Thank you.
And no wonder mine didn't come out. I forgot he made his with eggplant :twak: Sheesh.

That's Sherm's avatar I notice.
Thanks hun!
I just used Fast Browser Search: Arron McCargo+croutons recipe.
There it was.

Yep that's Shermie as Arron! :yum:


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Yes I'm a supreme fan of Aaron McCargo Jr.. He's the best chef to come along in God knows how long!