honey cinnamom butter


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I'd like to make small qtys at home, for two.
researching recipes the ratio of cinnamon to butter varies outrageously! like by a factor of 4x

so for one stick = 1/4 lb = 133g = 8 T = 1/2 cup....
how much cinnamon is tasty without being overpowering?


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I would start small and taste. Toast a slice of bread and taste test adding a little at a time till it’s to your liking.

I would use cinnamon sugar. Jmo


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the honey 'thins' the butter a bit - I like the flavor it adds.
Ina Garten uses 1/4t to one stick - I've seen other recipes calling for 1 tsp for 1/2 cup.
frankly I think I trust Ina a bit more than some of even the popular sites -
last night we have a mega flop broccoli cheddar soup from Taste of Home...


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I think it also depends on the quality of cinnamon. If you buy cinnamon bark and make your own cinnamon powder then less, and if you buy it as powder then more I guess. Also the flavour could be slightly different too