Homemade Smoker!


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OK, over the winter I want to fabricate a homemade outdoor smoker.
I'm interested in seeing what some of you have done and gather some ideas to put my plan into action.
So if you have made your own smoker I would really like to hear your idea's and suggestions as well as some pictures please.
Post away!


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UDS (ugly drum smoker) is a very popular home made smoker. Proven design. Do a Google search on it, there are tons of How To's on them.


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You can buy burners all day long. The one my father built, when I was a kid so no pictures. Was made out of brick and he used a old refrigerator door, top was metal roof type with vents out of
electrical conduit thru the mortar in the bricks. for the racks he used oven racks, you could get these from a place that recycles appliances, These (hold the oven racks) would be put on more electrical conduit placed in the mortar but not all the way thru the bricks like the vents at the top. the cold air came in the front and was small enough to feed the burner, no other cold air openings were used. He ran it on natural gas but could be run on LP gas too.


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How dumb, I feel. I just looked up the thread on your UDS Bam, It is the best that I have seen. lad you posted it.