Hello all :)

Henry 420

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Hey there all. I'm Henry from Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I have a passion for cooking and also cooking in the great out doors. I have a few recipes and cooking videos to share with you guys and a few tips and tricks. Look forward to sharing them with you all. Much love and all the best Henry.

Sass Muffin

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Welcome, I guess.
So why did you get booted off of another cooking forum?
I see you're legit since I found your YouTube channel.
I think...

Henry 420

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Hey there. I was a little surprised this day and age you know? Clearly not spam !! It's because a lot a forums don't like you posting links unless you have been a member for some time. They simple class ALL links as spam lol (in my years of experience) Much love Sass Muffin :)


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Henry, as well as being against NCT rules, many of us do not have the time or the interest in watching Youtube videos.

We welcome your posting, in text, your recipes and especially still photos of your food. You may post a link to a particular video if you are requested to do so by one of our members.

If that works for you, welcome to NCT!