Ground Turkey

Tally, what did you wind up making w/ the ground turkey?

The prob for me w/ ground turkey is it is pretty bland. You need to punch up the flavor. I've tried the spinach/parm turkey meatballs over noodles, but they were still bland.

A few more ideas... turkey-stuffed bell peppers. You can make them in a CP.

I would stuff the meatballs to give them more flavor, i.e. lay out about a half slice of prosciutto, top it w/ basil or spinach, add a cube of cheese (mozzarella etc), or half of a sliced hard boiled egg, & roll it up. Mold your meatball mixture around the rolled prosciutto & bake. Serve w/ marinara sauce.

Noticed The Biggest Loser keeps advertising Jenny-O (ground) turkey. Guess it is leaner, but you have to pack it w/ flavor, IMHO.

Speaking of turkey ;-), this year I want to stuff the breast w/ spinach, prosciutto, parmesan & pine nuts:

Spinach & Prosciutto Stuffed Turkey Breast


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I've been looking at this again because we have loads of turkey leftovers from the holidays. I was think turkey can be used instead of minced beef or lamb for a number of dishes - lasagne, spaghetti, stir fry - the list is endless.
I've been searching for loads of leftover recipe's this morning and have found some great ones to use up the meat, veg and cheese I have left over - I'm quite excited!


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I've made this one a couple of times with ground turkey.

Also great. The second time I made it, I put the salad on the side, but the flavors do compliment the burger and sauce nicely.

Danish Burgers with Caper Sauce and Salad


It's been awhile, but I had a hankering for these really good Danish Burgers with diced Havarti dill cheese and a dill/caper/sour cream sauce.

Cooked in my Copper Chef pan, with the salad on the side this time.



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I have a little over a pound of ground turkey. I have no clue what to do with it or what will taste good. Looking for something in the crockpot, grill or otherwise easy. Any Ideas?

It CAN be used in place of ground beef in meat loaf, meat balls and anything that normally calls for ground beef, up to & including burgers. :readytoeat::bbq3: