Grilled Cheese Sandwich


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Whoa!!!! That looks unbelievably GREAT, LS!

Going to make it soon for a weeknight dinner or a weekend breakfast!



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That does look good. Try this.

4 slices of bacon cut into bite sized pieces

2 eggs beaten

chopped onion to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

4 slices of bread


Fry the bacon until almost done. Add the onion and cook until both the bacon and the onion are done. Drain the drippings and then add the egg stiring until done. Salt and pepper to taste.

Spread Mayo on the bread and divide the egg mixture evenly between the two sandwiches.

I haven't toasted the bread or fried it with butter but that does sound good. I just might try frying them in the bacon drippings.


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and I cheat . . .

doing a grilled cheese - sans eggs and bacon, kitchen sink, et. al. - is a tricky bit of the right pan / grill temp to simultaneously achieve:

nice toasted bread outside
melted cheese inside.

okay okay it's not difficult, but it's a bit like pancakes - can take a batch or two before one has the temperature adjusted "not too hot, not too cold, but just right"

so, I cheat.

I use butter in the pan and lightly buttered bread to get the "toasted" part exactly correct - pretty, brown, crunch, crispy.....

then I plunk that grilled bit into the microwave and melt the cheese "to perfection"

ah.... perfection has its own definitions. some in the peanut gallery prefer more gooey or less gooey cheese - with a bit of practice I can "produce" grilled cheese to any perfection level required. well, if they can hold on for another ten seconds at power level . . . .

sssshh! you can get away with this for years! if you don't spill the beans, er, curds....