Greens Gumbo with Smoked Turkey and Andouille - My Way


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This is just a method since I don't do exact measurements or time when cooking soups and stews.

Make a medium colored roux:
3/4 cup each flour and peanut oil

Add 1 large diced onion and an equal amount of diced celery, cook for a while, always stirring so that you don't burn the roux, and then add 1 heaping T of diced garlic

Add about 1 qt of water and 1 heaping T of chicken base, Better than Bouillon

Season with Tony Chachere No Salt seasoning

Give it a good stir and add two, fully cooked, smoked turkey wings with enough water to just about cover the wings


Remove the turkey wings and add 3 bunches of washed, cleaned, and roughly chopped mustard greens

Simmer until greens are tender

In the meantime, slice two rings of andouille into rings, brown in batches on both sides, deglaze pan, and add to the gumbo mixture

Pull turkey from bones, discarding skin, and add that to the gumbo mixture

I'm talking huge turkey wings:


My thoughts:

Most people would add diced bell pepper. I just don't like it cooked, so I skip it. I think the smoked turkey wings and browned andouille are what make me really like this. Don't skip the browning of the andouille. It's a pain but worth it. If you just don't have the time, you can slice the andouille lengthwise, brown it in big pieces, and then slice it up. You don't get as much surface area for browning, but it is easier that way...not so much flipping of tiny little pieces.


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I, too, discovered smoked turkey parts for greens and gumbos, Cooksie!

Much better than those salty, fatty pork hocks!



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Yeah, those turkey wings just make the gumbo so much more flavorful. I've used a smoked turkey carcass before but there is no comparison. All that fat on those wings :mrgreen: