Gooseberry cheese cake


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125 g butter
1,5 dl sugar (150 ml)
1 egg
1,5 dl wheat flour (150 ml)
1 dl potato flour* (100 ml)
1 teaspoon baking powder
(1 teaspoon vanilla sugar)
500 ml mashed gooseberries*
sugar (springling to the berries if needed)

Quark filling:
250 g quark*
0,5 dl milk or cream (50 ml)
o,5 dl sugar (50 ml)
1 egg

*Notes: You can also use only wheat flour (2,5 dl/250 ml). Potato flour makes your cake softer.
Quark is typical for the Nordic and the East European cuisines. Cream cheese or ricotta-type soft cheese might be suitable susbtitutes if quark ("rahka" in my language) is not familiar in your kitchen.
You can use what ever berries you like. Also sliced apples with cinnamon go well.

Cream together the butter and sugar. Add the egg. Mix the flour, baking powder together and add to the mixture. Cut a disk of parchment paper and place on the bottom of a cake pan (diameter about 20 cm). Using your hands, lightly press the soft dough onto the bottom and the sides of the pan. .

Add mashed gooseberries. Pour quark filling over the berries. Bake at +225 C/+392 F for 30 minutes.


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Ahhhh, when I saw that bucket of berries, I knew you would turn it into a masterpiece, Saliha!

Those bilberries looked like blueberries, which I adore and which are terrifically good for you.




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Yep, they look same as bilberries are European blueberries. ;)
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