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Ghost Peppers (Naga morich)


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They are ripening now.




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What are you using/or did you use that for?
If I ate that, I'd have a crater burnt in my stomach 😵‍💫🔥
Neither can I eat them like we do with other types. The one I've sliced, I'll grind it with those shallots, salt, and a lot of Maldive fish. Maybe an equal amount. Then I'll add lime. That will go with anything: rice or roti(flat bread) etc. And it should be eaten in very tiny amounts just enough to add heat, like wasabi.
Another way I eat them: deep fry it with onions, or pan fry it with onions. Before frying I soak it in salt water for about a minute.
It can add a lot of flavour into your BBQ etc but essential to know the heat and flavour levels.
What's special about ghost pepper is its fruity flavour.
Oh, and I never eat even a bit of it at night. Don't want to stay up the night with a burning stomach. 😅