Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Chili


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here there is only one chili - con carne i.e. with beef. beans only chili is an interesting competition, it simply does not appear here.

however, there's two versions:
mine = chunked beef morsels - pre-browned/seared
hers = ground beef - pre-cooked

due to the shifting sands of a weekly menu plan . . . chili came to the menu, her version....
no ground beef in house . . . so I thawed and did a old fashioned hand cranked ground ground beef version from a frozen chuck roast.....
ground into a shallow pan, salted, in the fridge for 3 hours, pan fried . . .
to the lurking, , , opted to produce a spoonful for 'how's this?'

so . . . seems it was seriously more better than supermarket ground beef.
and now I may be required to home grind any and all things 'ground beef'
here's yer' sign - be careful what you grind for.....


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I'll bet it was fantastic!

I prefer ground beef-with-beans to the chunked beef competition-style chili. Gotta have beans!