Fried Onion Straws/Strings


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Sorry it took me so long to get this posted. Kept meaning to do it and kept forgetting. It's more of a technique than anything. I don't know why we don't do these more often because they are good and fairly easy to make.

I used a mandoline to thinly slice a red onion (you could use whatever onion you wanted). I have a small Kyocera handheld mandoline that is adjustable. I used the #4 setting. Then, soaked them in ice water for at least an hour. Before proceeding with next step, they need to be drained.

When you are ready to cook, heat cooking oil in a small saucepan to about 375 F. I filled the pan about 1/3 full as I wasn't frying a whole lot of them. I don't use a thermometer for something like this actually. The 6.5 setting on my stovetop is a good frying temp. I just dip my dry fingers in flour and flick a few pieces in the oil. If they sizzle and start to fry, the oil is ready.

Mixed up a breading of flour, salt and pepper, and spices. I used Chinese 5 spice and a little cayenne, as this was an Asian skewed meal, but any combo of spices can be used to fit your meal.

I had used an egg yolk in making the dressing for the salad, so I whisked the egg white until well broken up, then added some water to make a fairly thin wash. You could use a whole egg if you wanted or were making a lot of the straws.

Picked up some of the sliced red onions with fingertips, dipped them into the wash, getting them all in there, then picked them up, let the excess drip off, then dropped them into the flour mixture and made sure they were coated. Dropped them into the hot oil, stirred with a metal spoon with holes to break up the bunch, then let them cook until they were nice and golden brown, stirring occasionally. Took them out and let them drain on a paper towel.