Free Breakfast Entree from Chick-fil-a

Thanks! Just so happens we have to be out & about early on 9/10, so this will fit in perfectly with our plans. Again - thanks! :)
Just wanted to thank you for our "free" breakfast sandwich at our local Chick-Fil-A last Saturday. It was funny, because my husband was laughing about bringing in the printed-out "invitations/reservations", not to mention the fact that you also needed a "photo i.d." to redeem them (& yes, they did ask for photo i.d.'s). He was wondering when/where the strip search would be given - lol!! But we weren't the only ones. Scads of people were in line, all clutching their printouts, so we didn't feel that weird after all.

It was a nice start to a full day. Again - thanks for the heads up.