Food events in Seattle

Johnny West

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The Seattle restaurant scene is dying due to riots, COVID lockdown, and poor city management. Long time eateries are closing for good. Our favorite restaurant in Tacoma, Pacific Grille, closed last week. If I never go to Seattle again will be soon enough.


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It is very sad, small business cannot withstand the crisis due to Covid-19 and is closed. The government should have supported them, but no one cares. I can imagine how hard it is for them, because they have invested so much effort and money to start their business, and suddenly the crisis destroys them. Some are still open, but are struggling to cope. Sometimes I see food trucks on the streets, but it's easier for them, they don't have to pay rent, and so on. It is easier for them to survive the crisis. I specifically go to such places and order food there, in order to somehow support them. As it turned out, this is the Nyfta association, and they have the best food trucks nyc.