Food Challenges


ok hmm...the link doesn't work ummmm.well then umm...just let me know of any challenge i don't care if i already know so please post


ok ill get it started here in Nevada at the nascar cafe there's a 6 lb. Burrito if you can finish it in 1 hour its free and you get a t-shirt and free roller coaster rides 4-LIFE


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Thanks sweet tooth. Good idea.
I enjoyed the man vs food shows where he took on a challenge during his show. He showed some awesome places to eat.
One I tried was Thurman's in Cols Ohio. They make the Thurman Burger. It's big and oh so good. For competitions they make a Thurmanator's like the height of 3 burgers stacked. I can't imagine how hard it would be to finish. From what I know you do not win a prize or anything.


in walnut creek theres a place i forgot the name but it serve a 8 POUND BOWL OF ICE CREAM (man thats alot of ice cream) any if you finish it its free and free ice cream FOR A YEAR


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72 oz steak dinner - if eaten in one hour, it's free
wonder if you have to eat those jalapenos :eek:


ok heres one its at juan and a million if you can eat 10 (i think is ten) sorta omletts you win it free a free t-shirt and a pic on the wall of fame